Ayzan Custom Ears

Ayzan Custom Molded Ears provides customized hearing protection and audio enhancement products to individuals and companies throughout the Inland Northwest region.  We help you hear better, in a safer way, and with the greatest comfort possible.

No matter what you do, whether in any of these areas…Pay attention to your hearing

Preserving the hearing ability of both yourself and those you work with is critical.  Why risk further damage and unwanted sound interference with those one-size-fits-none standard ear plugs?

Think about it.  Would you put your broken leg into a pre-molded cast made to fit “almost everyone”?  No, of course not.  Your doctor would make a custom cast to ensure proper healing and protection.

Custom ear plugs prevent discomfort and pain

Likewise, no two person’s ear canals are the same shape or size.  Trying to stuff standardized ear plugs made to fit every single person into your ears is like stuffing your leg into that pre-molded cast.  It won’t feel good, and you risk doing more damage than good.

For the best comfort and hearing protection, choose Ayzan Custom Molded Ear Plugs.  Your ears will say “Thank you” as you:

  • Provide the most comfortable and cost-effective hearing protection to your employees — anywhere
  • Ensure clear, safe communications in high-noise areas
  • Experience greater musical enjoyment
  • Lower risk of miscommunication in dangerous industrial environments
  • Enjoy your outdoor activities knowing your ears have the best protection possible

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